Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Are Still Eating

Sorry for the lack of posts and recipes.  The thing about eating a primal diet is that it doesn't have to be very complicated.  When you are eating clean, real food, the preparation becomes pretty easy.  Cut up some veggies, grill some meat.  Avocados always on the ready.  So we tend to eat a lot of the same food every week.  That's not to say we are getting bored with it - the food we eat is delicious and we usually end our dinner saying that we could not have eaten food that good if we had gone out to eat.  But we are keeping it pretty simple.

I did find an AMAZING website that I wanted to share with you for when you are looking for something new or more impressive to make for company.  It's called the Food Lovers Primal Palate and it's like a food magazine for primal recipes.  The pictures are mouth watering.  We tried the chicken thigh recipe last week and my kids were begging me to make it again.  It's a great resource.

Also, Costco is selling chicken and turkey meatballs that are gluten free (the do contain cheese) and only 2 grams of carbs in three meatballs.  We are going to be trying them tonight on lettuce wraps with a low-sugar marinara sauce.

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