Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Primal Packing - Road Trip!

Remember how it used to be on road trips - stop at the first gas station and load the kids up with Doritos and cookies and anything else they can puppy-dog eye you into?  And for me - I LOVE CANDY.  Love.  Like sticky, sugary candy.  You know - milk duds and tangy taffy.  It's not a road trip without red ropes licorice.  LOVE the chewy sprees and gobstoppers.  It's a road trip - we don't eat this stuff all the time - why not splurge?

Well, we don't eat that stuff at all anymore.  (And I bet our road trip will be a lot calmer in the back seat!).  So I have prepared some snacks that we all love and that will (hopefully) keep us from falling into the convenience store trap.

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