Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coconut Chicken

The kids loved this one.  I found this in the book of recipes and fuels.  I forgot to take a picture but it looked like this:
photo from

For four servings you will need: 

about 1 pound of chicken breast cut into strips (tenderloins)
sea salt
2 eggs
coconut flour
dried unsweetened coconut flakes
coconut oil

1.  Season chicken pieces with salt and pepper.  
2.  Dunk chicken in egg bath and then dredge in coconut flour
3.  Dunk chicken in egg again and then roll in coconut flakes
4.  Cook in coconut oil on stove top until brown and cooked through.  

Post Edit:  I feel like I need to come clean about something.  When I went into Whole Foods to buy coconut flour, I found finely shredded organic coconut for baking in the baking aisle - but did not see coconut flour.  So that is what I used to bread this chicken.  And it was delicious and made a really nice "breading" - and it's a LOT cheaper than coconut flour, which I have since found at a local health food store.  


  1. This looks amazing. I'm thinking coconut shrimp would be easy to do this way too. YUM!

  2. whats the calorie count per serving on this? it looks great!

  3. Hi Amanda - We don't normally count calories on the paleo / primal diet so I'm not sure!!

    There's a great website called that you can enter recipes into to get nutrition information!